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the blind weavers

the story of the blind weavers was originally created almost a decade ago. originally it was conceived as a play, but as it stretched it soon became clear that that intention was not realistic. After that, the idea went up and down several times.

   From the year 2020, the idea arose that maybe it would be fun to bring history to life with a comic book. I had a good idea of how everything in the story would look because I had written down my ideas with drawings.

   After quite a few revisions and simplifications of the original manuscript, I decided at the end of the year 2021-2022 and started to draw clearer ideas about how I wanted to convey the story in pictures. In the summer of 2022, I started setting up the chapters and one by one they emerged.

   I worked on this project with work and school, but at the beginning my goals for this were very unclear to me. I just wanted to get this project down. I still don't know where this project will end for the rest as it is very labor intensive and time consuming. Perhaps it is interesting to mention that each page of the book takes me about 9-16 hours. to complete.



The workflow - pages

Here you can see the work process that the pages go through from start to finish.



the first step is to draw all the frames in the chapter so they fit on the pages. then I try to visualize how the image structure and the text can work together.

frame arrangement


the first thing I do on the working documents on the computer is to set up the frames and draw up the sketches, which are a bit more elaborate than the first draft.

sketches and frames


then I work on the outlines. I work them basically in black on a white background, although the color of most of them changes later. after this step it is very difficult to make more changes.



when I lay down all the flat colors on the page they go under the lines because they all have to lie well together, blank areas in the shield can have stilts and look bad in print.

flat colors


in this last stage of the drawing, light and shadows, shades of characters and objects, color differences in the distance dimension and colors of lines and symbols are added.



in the end I put in the text I decided at the beginning, but sometimes I adjust it throughout the process. the text sits in speech bubbles or frames that are also arranged.


When all the pages are ready, I put them into another program to organize everything into a book form and then add the page numbers.


I work with three different periods in history and therefore decided to work with three different color palettes to differentiate these periods individually.


-real time-

in the timeline of the real-time story, the colors are not limited to a narrow spectrum, and that's where the vast majority of colors are.


-jomar's past-

the sections that contain moments from Jomar's past are only colored with four colors, red and blue.


-past benonis-

the chapters that contain moments from benoni's past are also limited to four colors, but his colors are a bit brighter.


All fonts used in the book and here on the site I created from scratch so technically all text is handwritten. I use two different fonts, one I use mostly for the communication of the characters, while the other text is used for story description and written text.

Tall letters

writing font


the weavers

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