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All services offered are provided by Heiðdísi Buzgò.

All sales products are designed/processed or produced by Heiðdísi Buzgò.


All visual material on Heiðdís Buzgò's website, social media and closed career folder is subject to the artist's copyright and it is not permitted to reuse or copy that material in any way, in whole or in part, without consultation with the artist. If images are shared on social media, the copyright of the author must be respected.


Cabinet - Copyright

Image theme - Copyright (Terms and definitions)

Sales points

An artist:

Online store on an artist's website



Other vendors:

Bookstores and publishing houses

Vintage Art Market



Artist is not responsible for sales and transactions of other vendors.

Special orders

You can order services or artwork by filling out an application on the artist's website, email or message. Pricing and project planning vary depending on the project. Many benefits are listed on the artist's website below"Special Orders" and there you can read all the main details about each service individually, but if a specially ordered project is requested, most aspects relevant to the project are separately negotiated. It is important to explain the project well, maintain reliable communication and send all relevant data in the best possible quality so that special orders go as smoothly as possible.



More changes than agreed will incur additional costs.

Most projects are prepaid to some extent.

For all larger projects, a contract is required to be signed.

Artist reserves the right to reject requests and offers for special orders.

Payment methods

Products from the online store on the artist's website can be paid for by credit card or Paypal.

Other payments are made with Paypal, the Aur app or bank transfer. All customers have the right to receive a confirmation and invoice by email. Most currencies are accepted, but e-coins are not accepted. It is most advantageous to pay in Icelandic currency (ISK).


All sales products are delivered digitally or by home delivery.

Digital works can be printed, but this is negotiable and incurs additional costs.

Cancellation or change of order

You can cancel or change an order for a product within 14 days of completing the purchase. If the product has been sent out, it must be sent back in unopened and original packaging. The product will be refunded in full, but not the buyer's shipping costs. A refund will be transferred after the product has been shipped and received at the end of the route.

You can terminate or change the contract for specially ordered services at any stage of the project, but you must pay for the work done. Advance payments will be refunded in full or in part depending on the status of the project and the work performed.

To cancel or change orders please send email.

Consumer Agency - laws and regulations

Return or exchange


All sales items that are damaged in transit or lost in the postal system are fully refunded. Can be returned or exchanged all merchandise without an exchange ticket within 30 days of delivery. The product must still be in the same condition as when the buyer received it and a payment receipt must be presented. If a defect-free product is exchanged or returned, the buyer must pay the shipping costs themselves. It is preferable to pack the product in the same way as when it was sent out originally. The product will be refunded or a new product sent when the replacement product is returned in the same condition. If a product is exchanged for another cheaper product, the difference will be refunded. Credit notes are not offered.

Consumer Agency - laws and regulations


Refunds are made by bank transfer or Paypal, whichever is applicable, in the same currency with which the original payment was made.

Anyone disappointed is encouraged to contact an artist as soon as a problem arises.

Products and services

Products and services

Published books

Special reprints

All skin printed products

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